How To Stop Your Pup Eating Your Plants!

Eating plants and grass is rather typical from the canine world – so do not fret too much, but I advise that you attempt to learn what’s causing your pet to eat your plants!, before heading on to deal with issue.

Assess his feces – is it solid? Check for worms to make sure that he doesn’t need worming.

Is he still eating correctly?

He can be chewing on plant matter to make himself sick since he’s got a upset stomach – you will often find dogs do this – but nibbling on a little bit of grass should not be too detrimental to your pets health.

My springer sometimes eats grass once we’re out on a walk – though I am not positive if it is to make him sick since he’s got a stomach upset or he is sick because he has eaten some garden grass?

But if your pet’s chewing grass daily, it might be a indication of something more than just an upset stomach.

If your pet is eating plants in addition to garden grass, and has been for quite some time, he might be doing this since his diet is lacking in nourishment. Consider raising his fiber intake with the addition of a couple cooked greens into his diet to find out whether this helps.

Be mindful, plants and grass might have been sprayed with dangerous chemicals or fertilizers and pesticides, as time passes, toxins may develop in his system (particularly if he is frequently chewing greenery) that can lead to serious damage to your Springer’s wellbeing.


In addition, you must understand what he is eating as there might be a number of toxic plants lurking in your own garden Try putting them in plant pots to give them extra height.

The Springer spaniel diet ought to be healthy enough to provide him what he needs in 1 go, with no requirement for foraging and/or scrounging.

If you are feeding him a comprehensive puppy food, assess the food ingredients and check out websites like to make sure that the ingredients include sufficient nutrients because of his requirements.

To begin with, I suggest that you transfer the house plants to areas that are out of reach when you are not readily available to supervise your pup or place him into his cage.

It is far better to reward a dog for the behavior you want, instead of punishing undesirable behavior.

So, the next time that he starts to chew on your home plants, get his attention Call him to you personally and ask him to sit. This ought to divert him from the plant.

You’re able to keep on with a couple of puppy obedience training controls to maintain his focus – he must forget all about the crops! Consider adding a little lemon juice or sour apple into the water, however, do not spray his eyes, simply spray into his mouth or on his muzzle.

Whatever way you select, you must stay constant, consistent and maintain it, do not let him neglect.