If You Carry Your Dog Around Are You Spoiling Them?

There are a tons of ways to spoil your pet. Giving them treats all the time, showing them that you love them by rubbing their bellies nightly, letting them sleep on your own bed, feeding them a great diet and often brushing their fur to keep their coats shiny and lustrous.

These are fairly good ways to spoil your dog without having much of a negative effect. Yet, there are some things that you could do that aren’t going to have the positive effects your dog really needs. With news pictures of celebrities carrying their pups becoming a popular craze, the act of carrying your four-legged friend around has grown in popularity, and that is not merely for the smaller doggy sizes. Even bigger dogs are being lifted off their paws and carried when they do not actually need to be.

Take Care

Firstly, we must begin with when it’s advisable to carry your dog. As a dog proprietor you must understand that it will be necessary to pick your dog up and help them sooner or later.

How about when they’re sick? Maybe when they’re injured? Of course these are situations in which you should carry your dog, particularly when they need the help. They can not always get into the car or want to eagerly jump up on the veterinarian’s table, so they need a little help. As a loving dog owner, it is your job to ensure they’re healthy and happy, exactly like a parent would for a child.

Then there are the many situations in which your pet might be in danger. Parking lots can have numerous potential threats, as can any pavement or walkway. Broken glass, hot cement, or even decals all can pose a danger to paws. If you wouldn’t walk on it with naked feet, your dog should not have to put their paws to it. Rather than having to carry your dog, you should work to prevent these kinds of circumstances in the first place.

Consider high risk areas, like public walkways where little dogs could get stepped on or have their paws caught by sliding doors. It’s better to try to avoid these locations if your dog is not socially ready, but if you are forced to, it is best to carry them than to chance them becoming injured.

Afterward there are situations in which you need your dog to get out of danger faster than it might take them to react, or if they are enticed by the danger like chasing a moving car or a pursuing a cat into a dangerous place.

But don’t be mistaken. It is hardly impossible by taking them often to spoil your dog. Habits are quickly picked up on by dogs, and if you often carry them, it is as though you’re training them to rely on you to transport them. It may not be considered spoiling. And you are able to be assured that if you constantly take your dog near, they will expect you to do the walking in their opinion.

Let your dog carry themselves when they can. If they’re getting into the car, make them get in themselves. If they want to walk, let them (squiggly worms in your arms may be a hint they want down). Do not hold your dog back from being their own dog, or they’ll always need you to carry them around.

5760007209_15cba8eaaa_bMost importantly, they need the exercise. If you constantly take your dog, they’ren’t exactly getting the exercise they actually desire. They aren’t as active.

Perhaps you are thinking about situations in which your dog doesn’t want to get into the car because they know where they’re going (groomers?), but you really should not force them or you will always have to push them. Instead, treat or entice them to need to get in and go.

In truth, by carrying them it’s not completely impossible to spoil your dog. But that’s only if you do it constantly. There will be moments in which you must pick them up and move them around to keep them safe. After all, it is your job to make certain they remain safe and joyful, and it’s also nice to spoil them a little bit every now and then.

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